Calla Lily Bouquets

The calla lily makes an excellent addition to any bouquet or works perfectly as the centrepiece as a bouquet in its own right. Since the Victorian era the calla lily has been a very popular flower gift, mostly because it is possible to make it bloom even during the winter in the simplest greenhouse. Today the calla lily is an icon of beauty and can be bought in almost any well sorted flower shop. The calla lily is also a beautiful symbol found in many wedding bouquets, and purely calla lily wedding bouquets are very popular.

Calla Lily Bouquets – Cut Flower Care

Bunch of Calla Lilies for VaseThe calla lily is quite a hardy plant that will stay fresh as a cut flower for a long time if you treat it right. A calla lily cut flower will need its long stem so a rather high vase to begin with will be a perfect start. The water in the vase should be mixed with some flowerfood and be replaced with fresh water every other day. Also recut it every now and then to keep it fresh and only use a sharp knife to make the diagonal cut that is needed. Try to handle the flowers as little as possible and think about placing, warm draft such as from the TV or vent could ruin the calla lily in just a matter of hours. If done right it is possible to enjoy the calla lily indoors for several weeks so it is well worth the effort.

Calla Lily Bouquets – Usage

In the older times calla lily bouquets were found primarily at important events such as weddings and funerals but as it became more and more popular it started to show up at every imaginable festivity in Europe. Once in America it became a very popular motif for painters and photo artists; some art being so provocative as to be considered erotic. The calla lily then became a classic in the art of interior decoration and most people today have probably seen the flower in bouquets, gardens or on TV but not knowing what it is. Today a single calla lily in a high white vase is a well known classic art symbol and is strongly associated to interior design.

Calla Lily Bouquets – Floriography

Bunch of Calla Lilies and Rose in BouquetThroughout time different plants and flowers have had different kinds of meanings, and some thought that flowers even contained certain special powers. It was no wonder that a language of flowers occurred and once it was brought to Europe from Persia by the Swedish king Karl XII it became extremely popular. Among the nobility during the Victorian era it became somewhat of way to communicate in secrecy while other used flowers like public statements. The language of flowers soon spread all over the world giving new meanings to new plants and flowers. The calla lily was thought to represent beauty, or magnificent beauty even, and was a flower given to a recipient intending utmost respect. The language of flowers is also known as floriography and is more of an historic study of what certain plants meant to people in different times and in different places, and although not an exact science, is extremely interesting and popular even to the current day.

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