Planting Calla Lilies

The calla lily is one of the most beautiful flowers one can plant in a garden, as its exotic trumpet shaped flowers and light fragrances makes it feel as if one is heaven on earth. The calla lily is quite easy to grow using its bulb, or rhizome, and is quite hardy to any minor abuse that might occur. Here you will be able to learn more about how the calla lily grows and how one should go about planting it.

Callas - The Bulb

Bunch of Calla Lily RhizomesThe bulb, or more properly called the rhizome, is the heart of the calla lily and the location from where the plant emerges. Although not exactly a root, the bulb resembles a very large and thick piece of root from which all the smaller roots will grow out of once it is in the ground. Once the bulb has established a good supply of water and nutrition it will start producing the plant which, through photosynthesis, will supply the calla lily with all the energy it will ever need. Simply put, without the calla lily bulb there will not be any calla lilies to enjoy.

The rhizomes, are usually for sale in the local garden store and if they do not have the kind you are looking for, garden centre staff can most likely order it for you. You can also search directly for cally lily suppliers online and can find a wide array of colours and varieties to choose from from a wealth of sources, both retail and direct from the grower. You can readily plan out a calla lily feature in your garden showcasing a wide variety of flower colors and foliage patterns. If you live in a colder climate however you will need to pay close attention to the hardy zones for your choices since many callas cannot withstand sub-sero temperatures for any length of time.

Calla Lilies - Planting the Bulb

Planting the calla lily is as simple as sticking the bulb, rhizome, into the ground. The calla lily is quite flexible and will grow in almost any soil there is, although it needs to be well drained so the bulb does not start to rot. The spot for planting should also enjoy full sun as the calla lily loves the sun almost as much as the gardener, although if the climate is very hot and very sunny one might consider planting the calla lily in light shade. The calla lily bulb should be planted horizontally with the growing side up in a small hole that is about 4 inches deep. Of course, follow the instructions for depth on the package of bulbs if the depth differs from our recommendations. If one wants to plant more than one bulb they should at least be 12 inches apart so they get enough room to really spread out. Once in the ground the flowerbed needs to be watered plentifully so that the bulb really gets settled. Although quite hardy the calla lilies can only take minor frost before they are at risk of dying - if you live in a temperate climate where the temperature will drop below zero it is possible to plant the calla lily in a pot in a similar way as in the ground, then bring the plant in before frost. Just remember that the potted calla lily will need to be replanted once a year so it does not run out of room in the pot.

The Circle is Complete

Bunch of Calla Lily PicsAs long as the calla lily is kept in moist soil it will continue to grow, bloom and eventually spread. If nothing is done to prevent it, calla lilies can end up taking over an entire flowerbed and although it would be a pretty sight it is seldom what the ordinary gardener wants. As with most other flowers growing from bulbs (or rhizomes) the calla lily produces new bulbs, sprouting a little like potatoes. These new bulbs can be dug up at any time and be either sseparated for thinning purposes or replanted in the garden. Therefore the patient gardener can make a whole garden out of one single bulb.

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