Calla Lily Symbolism

The messages conveyed through flowers, also known as floriography, found origin in 17th century Turkey and by the Victorian-era volumes were written on the 'Secret Language of Flowers'. It is believed that since certain feelings were considered inappropriate for verbal expression in that era, a means of communication was devised in order to send secret messages to others, permitting the expression of these feelings that otherwise were frowned upon to be shared aloud. Many flowers (and quantities of flowers) were assigned emotional meanings in the floriography system and still to this day some people choose to communicate messages of the heart in this manner, although many of the nuances of the system are not widely practiced or are simply forgotten.

Art of Floriography - Calla Lily

Calla Lily WhiteIn floriography, the calla lily is associated with magnificent beauty, purity, and with beginnings and endings. The most common usages of the flower are for weddings and for funerals. The white calla lily has come to be symbolic of marriage and purity both for the color and shape of the flower, thought to echo the pleasing characteristics of a woman's form. The calla lily has also been widely regarded as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. The cut flower lasts for 7 - 10 days, is elegant in simplicity and thus is found in cut arrangements as well as being a common planting in cemeteries.

Calla Lily - Emotional Tones

The most common color of the calla lily is white. This color continues to be the most widely used in weddings and echoes the theme of beauty and purity popular since Victorian times. However, the calla lily does come in many other colors, such as red, pink, dark red, yellow and orange, amongst many others. Creating a bouquet of calla lilies is often considered an essential element of understated beauty, but the flowers can also be combined with other flower types creating lovely mixed arrangements. Arrangements can be enhanced with the passionate statement of the red rose or the soft easiness of the carnation. The lily itself is often evocative of a soft, gentle respect.

Whether alone or in combination with other flowers, the trumpet shape of the calla lily is so indicative of a simple elegance that the grace of the lily is clearly evident throughout the arrangements. This really makes it so easy to build a wedding theme around the calla lily and enjoy a wealth of accessories available to the designer. There's a timeless quality to the calla lily that transcends the trends of the day.

Calla Lily Vase

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